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In 2011, during the Juneteenth Parade, known as Nikki Brown Clown, she became the first Black clown in Portland. Since then, she has been active in the clown community and has earned numerous accolades. She has participated in the nationally recognized, Portland’s Rose Festival Clown Corp. In 2014, she was recognized by Portland Rose Festival as Entertainer of the Year and in 2015, she was awarded Clown of the Year.

Her goal is to promote cultural pride and awareness among the Black community, with special emphasis on engaging children of diverse backgrounds. She has worked tirelessly throughout North and Northeast Portland advocating for the importance of literacy among Black children, with special attention to connecting Black children to books that support and validate Black children’s experience. She started a Black Story time at a community coffee shop that ended with an early childhood Kwanzaa celebration.

Her work expands beyond books, as she has worked with Black girls to promote healthy eating and cooking. Her work within communities have long lasting effects on the well-being of Black families. In fact, the Northeast Portland community demonstrated their love and appreciation for her contributions by painting a Nikki Brown Clown literacy promotion mural in the heart of Northeast Portland.

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